Vinnova approves large grant

  • 10:54

Immunicum receives 3 500 000 SEK from “The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems'” (VINNOVA’s) program “Innovations for Future Health” for initiating a clinical phase 1/2-trial on renal cancer patients. Among a total of 250 applicants, Immunicum was one of 13 organizations which received funding, after having been reviewed by 17 experts in different areas, based on the following motivation:

“The application describes an interesting and important project with possibilities of hindering growth and development of existing tumors, and a vision of hindering growth of new tumors. The concept is considered to be based on well-founded research. There is good potential that the treatment will be used as a cancer therapy, as well as for other indications. The application has a good clinical relevance, patent strategy, and commercialization plan.”