Development Programs

Immunicum will continue leveraging its core expertise in immune priming and cell therapies to explore other complementary technologies and platforms. In addition to ilixadencel, these applications will allow the company to pursue or benefit from leading immuno-oncology trends in the biopharmaceutical industry.

IMM-2 – Immune primer and cancer vaccine platform for selected neoantigens

The IMM-2 platform (formerly SUBCUVAX®-Adenovirus) expands the potential of the same technology basis as ilixadencel. The technology combines the immune boosting capacity of allogeneic dendritic cells together with (1) neoantigens, which are molecules (fragments of proteins) specific to the patient’s cancer cells, (2) oncoviral antigens, which are molecules specific to viruses that cause tumors, such as the human papilloma virus, or (3) whole-tumor lysates, which are cellular components of the specific patient’s tumor cells. Immunicum is developing this vaccine-like product to optimally recruit and activate the patient´s own immune cells to the injection site of the antigen material, which has the potential to subsequently prime the body’s circulating immune cells to recognize and infiltrate the tumor.

IMM-3 – Enhanced (car-)t cell expansion for durability and longevity

CAR-T cell therapy has emerged as one of the most exiting therapeutic concepts in modern immuno-oncology. T cells from peripheral blood are isolated, genetically engineered and expanded ex vivo (outside of the body) before being re-infused into the patients. Immunicum’s IMM-3 platform (formerly CD70) was designed using the Company’s core expertise in allogeneic dendritic cell biology, and can provide CAR-T companies with a superior platform for expansion of CAR-T cells with improved anti-tumor activity as well as a higher resistance to oxidative stress and immunosuppressive factors that they must face in the tumor environment. Immunicum’s platform could therefore add important benefits to the expansion of CAR-T cell therapies ex vivo, and the Company is seeking collaborations with selected partners in the CAR-T cell space to commercialize this platform.