Reducing tumor recurrence with an off-the-shelf, cell-based relapse vaccine

Immunicum’s clinical program DCP-001 is generated by transforming a proprietary leukemic cell, DCOne®, into a cell-based cancer vaccine. The company most recently presented comprehensive pre-clinical results showing that this transformation leads to an immunogenic shift. Whereas the leukemic cells it used as starting material were poorly immunogenic, DCP-001 proved highly immunogenic due to its mature allogeneic dendritic cell phenotype, making it an attractive cancer vaccine candidate. Following the immunogenic shift, DCP-001 induced the production of a broad range of pro-inflammatory cytokines, was able to suppress tumor growth in animal models and was efficiently recognized by human immune cells as compared to leukemic cells, as seen in below figure.

DCP-001 is a highly immunogenic vaccine (in green) that is efficiently taken up by immune cells from the recipient, specifically antigen-presenting cells (imoDC, blue)

Sharing the principle biology of allogeneic dendritic cells with ilixadencel, DCP-001 can be used as relapse vaccine in cancer indications with high risk of relapse or tumor recurrence. DCP-001 has been evaluated in a Phase I/II study in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and is currently being evaluated in the Phase II ADVANCE-II study in AML and the Phase I/II ALISON study in ovarian cancer. For more information on ongoing clinical trials please contact us at info@immunicum.com. All ongoing trials are also listed on clinicaltrials.gov.