Our technology platforms

At Immunicum, we strive to develop sophisticated, safe and efficient therapeutic cancer treatments with powerful - and long lasting - immune responses. Currently, all our immunotherapies are based on our technology platforms COMBIG, CD70 and Ad5PTDf35-adenovirus vector.

T-Cell Activation

The COMBIG Platform

Our COMBIG-platform is designed for developing the cancer immune primers INTUVAX® and SUBCUVAX®. Both immune primers aim to activate cancer specific T-cells, enabling them to eliminate tumor cells.

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CAR T-Cell Expansion

The CD70 Platform

The CD70-platform is our CAR T-cell expansion protocol focused on multiplying tumor specific T-cells in vitro. The T-cells are then injected into the patient to give a greater immune response. Tumor specific T-cells propagated with the CD70 method are expected to have a significantly improved viability in the human body, compared to other adoptive immunotherapies.

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Efficient gene editing with multiple applications

Next Generation
Adenovirus Vector

Our third platform is a gene-editing platform based on a genetically modified Ad5PTDf35-adenovirus vector. It is primarily intended to be used as a tool to efficiently load SUBCUVAX®-cells with various tumor antigens. This is done in collaboration with Professor Magnus Essand at Uppsala University. The vector can also be used for development of oncolytic treatments based on tumor killing virus particles. It is also being used for cancer stem cell research in collaboration with Rutgers Cancer Institute and in the field of CRISPR/Cas9 in collaboration with National Cancer Institute.

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  • Intellectual property rights

    Immunicum’s patent portfolio consists of a total of six patent families, covering the production process and the three platform technologies.

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  • Scientific publications

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