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On Wednesday, November 18th Immunicum and DCprime combined forces to establish the company as a leader in cell-based cancer immunotherapies. Click here to view the full announcement:

About DCprime
DCprime is the front-runner in the field of relapse vaccines, a new class of oncology vaccines administered after or in conjunction with standard of care therapy to delay or prevent diseaserecurrence. Our lead product is a whole-cell-based vaccine addressing blood cancers with a high risk of relapse. We are pursuing similar vaccination approaches for solid tumors. We believe relapse vaccines will improve survival by putting the patient’s immune system back in control.


Extraordinary General Meeting – 18 December 2020
Information and documentation to the EGM (including forms for postal voting and power of attorney) Click here

Granted Exemption to VHI
Aktiemarknadsnämndens uttalande 2020


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SITC 2020 – Virtual
Preclinical studies support therapeutic application of the leukemic cell-based cancer relapse vaccine DCP-001 in ovarian cancer: Download the poster

EHA 2020 – Virtual
Development of a humanised immunocompetent mouse model to study the relapse vaccine DCP-001:

ASH 2019
Durable responses and survival in high-risk AML and MDS patients treated with an allogeneic leukemia-derived dendritic cell vaccine:

SITC 2019
Novel vaccination strategies using tumour-independent antigens to induce anti-tumour immunity in solid tumours: