PoC-study in rat completed

  • 10:56

Immunicum reports encouraging data from its INTUVAX proof-of-principle rat study. The main objective of the study was to investigate if intra-tumoral injection of allogeneic dendritic cells produced inhibitory effects on subcutaneous tumor growth in the rats. Each rat was injected with tumor cells subcutaneously on two different locations in order to allow one tumor to later be injected with vaccine cells and let the second tumor function as a test on whether the immune system had an effect on its size and progression. Due to the vaccine’s capability of generating a strong inflammatory response, the vaccinated tumors initially increased in size. The rapid growth of the first tumour made it impossible to study the growth and indirect vaccination of the second tumor more than during a limited period of time. There was however a tendency that the treatment with allogeneic dendritic cells induced an increased recruitment of cytotoxic T-cells, macrophages, and NK-cells to the tumors with a following reduction in volume and weight of the second tumor. This indicates that INTUVAX vaccine cells are capable of mounting an immune response against cancer sufficient to combat tumor cells.