Last patient in

  • 13:37

Immunicum AB (publ) today announced that the last scheduled patient in the Company’s phase I/II study in metastatic renal cancer has received the concluding dose of the cancer vaccine INTUVAX®.

The study is conducted at the University Hospital in Uppsala and at Norrland University Hospital. A total of 12 patients with metastatic renal cancer have been treated with the cancer vaccine INTUVAX® and the results have so far shown promise.

On May 20, Immunicum reported a status update where the Company concluded that no serious vaccine-related adverse events have been recorded and that the immune system appears to be activated specifically against cancer. In addition, immunological findings suggest that the immune system also has an effect on metastases and not only in the primary tumor where the vaccine was administered. No patients have yet passed away and survival data for patients with poor prognosis already looks promising. Two patients in this subgroup have thus far shown an average survival of about 14 months, which may be compared to the expected median survival of 5 months for untreated patients and about 8 months for patients treated with existing therapies, such as Sutent, that are also associated with adverse effects.