Immunicum receives a letter-of-intent from Cancer Vaccine Institute

  • 10:51

Immunicum receives a letter-of-intent from UK-based Cancer Vaccine Institute (CVI), stating that CVI is interested in co-funding and conducting a clinical phase I/II trial in melanoma, using Immunicum’s COMBIG-concept. Below, professor Angus Dalgliesh, principal of CVI, expresses his support for Immunicum’s vaccine technology:

We recently met with representatives of Immunicum who presented the COMBIG concept of allo-DC vaccination. Our own experience with allo-vaccines (much of which was done in collaboration with Onyvax Ltd), in the context of whole cell vaccination, has been very convincing. The concept that allo-vaccination with DCs triggers a cascade of immune responses including innate (NK cell activation) and subsequent adaptive, antigen specific responses is interesting and is deserving of further development. We are fully supportive of this work and believe that this allo-DC model may well result in the initiation of anti-tumoural responses where in vitro manipulated autologous DCs have limitations both in terms of GMP manufacture and in their capacity to generate consistent clinical responses. The use of intralesional delivery is of further interest to us and is supported by several recent publications on the intralesional delivery of cellular therapies. Our own clinical experience suggests that such an approach would be of benefit in melanoma and a range of other solid tumours.