Selected Immunicum-related Posters & Publications

Combination treatment of immune primer ilixadencel with standard therapy known to inhibit immunosuppression: a case report, presented at the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation Annual Conference 2018 (link to pdf)

Intratumorally injected pro-inflammatory allogeneic dendritic cells as immune enhancers: a first-in-human study in unfavourable risk patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma, published June 2017 in Journal of ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (link to page)

Selected Immunicum-related Abstracts

Magnusson, A. et al. Intratumoral vaccination with activated allogeneic dendritic cells in patients with newly diganosed metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC). Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2014 ASCO Annual Meeting Abstracts. Vol 32, No 15_suppl (May 20 Supplement), 2014: 3085.

Karlsson-Parra, A., et al. Long-term survival in unfavourable-risk mRCC patients after intratumoral administration of a cell-based allogeneic vaccine. Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer 2015, 3(Suppl 2):P438.

Selected Publications supporting Immunicums ilixadencel approach

Pang, I.K., et al. IL-1R signaling in dendritic cells replaces pattern-recognition receptors in promoting CD8(+) T cell responses to influenza A virus. Nat Immunol, 2013. 14(3): p. 246-53.
Take home message: Proof of concept study in sophisticated mouse models showing that DCs infected with a influenza virus in vivo become disabled as antigen-presenting cells but induce maturation of bystander, non-infected, DCs that subsequently primes antigen-specific cytotoxic CD8+ T cells.

Pascutti, M.F., et al., Interplay between modified vaccinia virus Ankara and dendritic cells: phenotypic and functional maturation of bystander dendritic cells. J Virol, 2011. 85(11): p. 5532-45.
Take home message: DCs directly infected with a vaccinia virus in vitro become disabled as antigen-presenting cells but induce maturation of bystander, non-infected, DCs.

Yewdall, A.W., et al., CD8+ T cell priming by dendritic cell vaccines requires antigen transfer to endogenous antigen presenting cells. PLoS One, 2010. 5(6): p. e11144.
Take home message: The direct priming of CD8+ T cells after vaccination with antigen-loaded DCs is mainly performed by endogenous DCs and not by the administered DCs.

Gustafsson, K., et al., Recruitment and activation of natural killer cells in vitro by a human dendritic cell vaccine. Cancer Res, 2008. 68(14): p. 5965-71.
Take home message: Activation of human monocyte-derived DCs with a combination of a TLR-ligand and IFN-gamma induces a vigorous and sustained production of NK-cell recruiting and NK-cell activating factors.

Wallgren, A.C., et al., Direct allorecognition promotes activation of bystander dendritic cells and licenses them for Th1 priming: a functional link between direct and indirect allosensitization. Scand J Immunol, 2005. 62(3): p. 234-42.
Take home message: The rejection of allogeneic dendritic cells in vitro induces production of DC-recruiting and DC activation factors.