Bridging allogeneic origin and personalized tumor targeting

Immunicum’s lead development candidate ilixadencel uses dendritic cells harvested from healthy human donors that are specifically activated to produce significant amounts of vigorous immune stimulatory factors. By administration through intratumoral injection, these cells induce a local inflammatory reaction, leading to a local destruction of tumor cells and recruitment of the patient’s own dendritic cells into the tumor environment. The recruited dendritic cells will encounter and engulf dying tumor cells and/or tumor cell debris, including the full array of tumor specific proteins, called neoantigens, that will act as an antigen source to activate and alert the tumor specific T cells, including cytotoxic T cells, resulting in a highly personalized anti-tumor response.

Ilixadencel is currently being evaluated in clinical trials for a range of solid tumors including renal cell carcinoma, hepatic cell carcinoma and gastrointestinal stromal carcinoma.

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